Monday, September 15, 2008

Of Blogs and Black Holes

Blog busted!

With ever the highest of intentions, this blogger wanted to be eyes for those who couldn't come along for the ride. On the fringes of my outer-spacey blogging experience, though, I haven't yet learned to predict the outcome of passing my Event Horizon—the Niagara Falls of Black Holes. Clue: once passing this point, there is no turning back. What's left behind may seem like silence. What's ahead—well, whole new worlds are screaming for consideration.

Present freshness wilts in passage.

And that's how I didn't post the rest of the homeschool conference our family attended on turf very different from our own. Now that my blogging fingers have been burnt, I've learned a few practical lessons.

First, always ensure before the weekend that the wi-fi connection we're planning on using is indeed available to all on campus.

Second, never underestimate the effect of hotel beds, salty take-out food, and long-term sitting-room-only compartments on one's ability to blog cogently. Travel-weary blogging: indeed insipid.

Third, don't plan on sequestering oneself with a laptop during events for which one traveled miles for the express purpose of networking. Or, note to self: those who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time should not attempt talking and blogging simultaneously!

It would be fair to say I've learned not to make extravagant promises, but I still feel the compulsion to promise to post what notes I had taken. I guess I'm the consummate sucker for keeping obligations. But, having passed the Event Horizon, there really is no turning back. Ahead loom so many new worlds.

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